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India Live Radio

Morning VIBES

Yes We Can: Together We can
The Mega Morning Show broadcasting from 7:00 am to 9:00am.
The cutest alarm and a positive breeze for a cool day start. The vibrant infotainment show touches the present day in the hottest way with the Vocal Laughter by the charming cutie. The coolest start will make the day ahead the biggest one.


We Are Committed; But You Can propose
Yes…We are committed and we are completely committed to our commitments. But we are open to your proposal. Do you know why? Because we love Brunches and surely you also…The coolest session of a day will always be with brunches. So hereby we bring brunches without Break and its absolutely free… Because we are committed to our listeners and we know that definitely there are new ones who are waiting for listening their own super hits in their own voices. So we are reaching to you with our Megaphones. So this is something special for You… A unique special Brunch from IndiaLiveRadio for our listeners to express and share their love, care, affection, quarrels, anger and definitely any emotions with those whom they want to be. ESSAR will be the anchor for this Show Boat.


Another Special And It’s the SHE TIME and your favorite charmies are here with some NOISE… The Unique She Show of IndiaLiveRadio hosted by the Thunder Bolt ‘Mahilas’ with lot cute specials for the day in a very special Bowl filled with sweety N’ Salty N’Spicy Dishes. They will definitely fill your lunch box with many special items wrapped with laughter


Here Comes the PASANGA…Single is Humble
The UNiqUE Bachelor’s Show from IndiaLiveRadio. The Empty Bags will now be filled with a lot of items and the information provided is absolutely nonsense. Feel something fishy??? Absolutely nothing…The Show is the one stop special for those who are multi specials. The full Packed Live Podcast which is a 100% Listener Interactive. The Curtain Raiser for the most Dynamic B Talk Show is already started

Melodious Good Night

It’s Calm…It’s Cool…The Night
And it’s purely for those who love to hear the softs. On the final Lap of the full Day, now get ready for the healthy and powerful Sleep is mandatory to the Warmest beginning. So it’s for all and We are bringing the cutest and coolest melodies which are as cute as; as cool as; as soft as the beautiful Night. It’s for your loved ones also Dedicate and Talk Silent with them. Express yourself by gifting Melodies And it’s the talkative Night also You can call and connect with your special ones with this special One